We are very excited to share with you our latest wallpaper release: Cosmic Splash, a galactic, textural pattern, hand-printed here in New York. We are also pre-releasing the first color way of our new Prism Fine Flat Weave Rugs in Japanese Indigo. Visit the Prism Flat weave page here. These rugs can now be customized in a range of finer materials such as silk, Tibetan wool, and other natural fibers. Please visit the Custom Prism rug page of our shop here.


Above: Freshly hand-printed Cosmic Splash Galaxy 


Above: Aimée and Bella on our 8 × 8 foot (244 × 244 cm) Prism Indigo Fine Flat Weave Rug. 



We've created ten color ways ranging from subtle pearls and clear gloss finishes, to bold, contrasting light-on-dark backgrounds. Inspired by the fluidity of both water and the perpetual motion of our galaxy, this is a large-scale textural half-drop pattern that will take you to another time and place without ever leaving the room. Pricing, additional colors, room shots, and custom color details can be found on our site. Check out all the color samples below the Prism Rug preview!


 Above: Cosmic Splash Galaxy


Above: Cosmic Splash Luna


Above: Cosmic Splash Luna during the print process



Inspired by a tapestry weaving class at Nightwood, a Brooklyn-based furniture, textile, and interior design studio, Aimée took what she learned about flat weave structures and applied it to create these bold and graphic, large-scale rugs. The Japanese Indigo palette seemed like the most perfect fit to create an ombré effect with the enormous overlapping striped diamonds. Woven of the finest soft 100% New Zealand wool, these rugs feel special. Custom orders can even be placed in more exotic materials such as Tibetan wool, silk, and other eco-friendly yarns, constructions, pile heights and colors. Please contact us directly for more information—we would love to work with you to create your dream rug!

Many larger and smaller sized layouts are available—each one is set up to compliment the size and proportions of each rug—so specific sizes may have one, two, or three diamonds. Please email us to preview any size you wish. Pricing, additional sizes, and custom order details can be found 
here on our site.





Above from top: 8X10 inch samples of Cosmic Splash Galaxy and Azurite 


Above from top: 8X10 inch samples of Cosmic Splash Luna and Aura


Above from top: 8X10 inch samples of Cosmic Splash Lapis, Rose Quartz, and Abyss


Above: An 8X10 inch sample of Cosmic Splash Obsidian


Above: An details of an 8X10 inch sample of Cosmic Splash Agate

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