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Sara Plantafève-Castryck

Sara Plantafève-Castryck is an artist, designer, and freelance wardrobe stylist originally from Antwerp, Belgium. She graduated as a graphic and textile designer who specializes in prints and patterns. She is known for her wide spectrum of experimentations with textiles, utilizing different media.

Her most recent installation; Room with a Lined Viewinvestigates the way patterns and colors work in a space, as well as the dimensionality of the fabric, experimenting with 2D & 3D forms. There is a lot of graphic detail in the piece and it is meant to overwhelm the audience. 

When talking about the piece, she stated; "How do they affect the surroundings and how can perfect symbiosis be created between colour, pattern, and the space in which they are depicted."

For more information visit her website at http://www.saraplantefevecastryck.com/


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