Serene Winter Mist

Above: Brain Candy in Mist

Calm and cozy spaces are serene places to live and work year round. Winter inspires us to add soft palettes to our bold and conceptual designs. We’ve included a few inspiration images we love, paired with some of our newest releases in our pearlescent Mist color way — ten patterns in all. These are beautiful ways to integrate soft whites and neutral walls that can then be accessorized with pops of color or contrast to create a sophisticated, calming winter den.

Above: Interior Inspiration to left, Piña Sola Mist to right
Above: Interior Inspiration to left, Star Tiger Mist to right

Subtle prints in whites like tigers and pineapples can add unexpected magic to your soft white space…


Our geometric Crop Circles pattern has almost 100% coverage of the shimmering mother-of-pearl Mist coat, making any space simply glow.


Above: Interior Inspiration on left, Pop Floral Mist on right
We love these powdery pinks, furry pillows, and use of metallic finishes to create this warm bedroom.  
The pearlescent effect on Gameland adds a hint of mystery to high concept design. 

Above: Interior Inspiration to left, Indian Summer Mist to right. 
Decorating your serene space with textured materials, sheen and luster will also compliment the subtle but interesting look of the winter white space. Throw down a textured silk rug and accent with some soft but eye-catching colors. 
Leaf Damask Mist makes for a classic and clean conversation piece.
Bella (#bellawilder on instagram) loves cozying up in crisp white sheets. Warm Wishes and Happy New Year to all our customers, friends and family!

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