Love Molecules

Above: Love Molecules Rouge

Introducing our newest pattern, LOVE MOLECULES. The design features twelve molecular formulas of neurochemicals that are essential for life, love, and happiness: adrenaline, anandamide,​ ​androstadienone, dopamine, estrogen, gaba, norepinephrine, oxytocin, phenethylamine, serotonin, testosterone, and vasopressin. Whether you are falling in love with your sweetheart or your baby, your pet or your work, a sunset, art, exercise, a kale salad… these twelve molecules are the chemicals that are released in our brains and connect us all. Love Molecules is a reminder to fall in love, always!


Above: Interior Inspiration to left, Love Molecules Sphinx to right
Minimum pops of metallics can really make a room shine. Easily turn your study into a molecular goldmine with our shimmering golden wallpaper.

Above: Love Molecules Chalk to right, Interior Inspiration to left
Our Chalk color way is perfect for giving that old fashioned blackboard feel to any space. 


Above: Interior Inspiration to left, Love Molecules Stratta to right

Above: Love Molecules Charm to left, Interior Inspiration to right
Props and decorations are key in any interior setting. Pairing our Love Molecules wallpaper with vintage glass beakers and foliage makes for a very modern, friendly vibe. 

Above: Prop Inspiration
We absolutely love the idea of furnishing with vintage molecular props. These can be found on Etsy or Ebay and are perfectly geek chic!

Above: Amour Screen print in Cobalt 
Not looking to re-do your space just yet? Check out our petite version of Love Molecules, the Amour screen print. These one-of-a-kind prints make for great Valentine’s, anniversary, or baby gifts! Amour is hand silk screened locally in Brooklyn.

Bella (#bellawilder on instagram) is feeling very affectionate — wrapped up in Aimée's lovely heart sweater! 

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