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The Kills - Victoria Jacob(The Kills)

I was so excited to bump into photographer Victoria Jacob again at a recent Passion Pit show after first meeting her at the ICFF this year! At a time when the crowd at every show is speckled with the lights of dozens of amateur photojournalists, it's refreshing to see the work of someone who really knows what she's doing.
Yeasayer - Victoria Jacob(Yeasayer)

Chairlift - Victoria Jacob(Chairlift)

Historics - Victoria Jacob(Historics)

Victoria excels at capturing both the intensity of the moment during a performance and the backstage personalities of the artists she photographs. There is a genuine love and understanding of music that comes across in her approach to photographing each performer. You can see more of her music photography along with other projects at her online portfolio. Best of luck with your first Rolling Stone assignment, Victoria!

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Neoma Fowlie
Neoma Fowlie

April 16, 2010

Opinions on the subject of fashions often intrigued me personally. The entire story, Victoria Jacob Photography | Aimée Wilder, generates methods exceedingly exciting not to mention abreast responses. …

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