my creative friends: Museum Hack's Nick Gray

my creative friends: Museum Hack's Nick Gray

A few weeks back, I had morning coffee with my dear friend Nick Gray at his gorgeous home in Greenwich Village. I immediately felt as though I had entered his magical world the minute I stepped into his apartment. The first thing I notices was how beautifully the light danced around his space.



I first met Nick early one morning while at the gym in Brooklyn, where I went to see our 'Robots' wallpaper featured live on morning television. Normally I wouldn't be up that early, but luckily I was because Nick saw me staring at the TV and was like "What is happening? Who are you?"... and the rest was history. He is definitely known for his friendliness.


Nick Gray is the founder of Museum Hack, which he describes as being "(a) highly interactive, subersive, fun, and non-traditional museum tour." His tours are given AFTER HOURS (!!!) at some of the world's most incredible museums, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC, which gives visitors an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look into the hidden stories and works housed.


Nick Gray, far left.


More details can be found on the Museum Hack website.


We also love this interview from lifehacker about Nick Gray - check out the post here


Check out more photos from Nick's dope studio below and Nick's personal website.









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