Bun Voyage

Bun Voyage


Bun Voyage is made for dreamers of all ages. The designs explore the world from a bunny’s-eye view. They journey through a magical landscape, experiencing dainty, fairytale-like flowers, mystical creatures, and psychedelic mushrooms. The playful theme of this collection reveals surprises at every turn drawing inspiration from Aimée's trips to the Scottish Highlands. Bun Voyage is whimsically sophisticated, capturing a distinct nostalgia for childhood.

Mushroom City  Mint Chip 

Mushroom City features myriad fungi at fluctuating heights, creating a dense sea of organic structures and hidden fauna. Within this natural city, we are greeted by friendly caterpillars morphing into bold monarch butterflies, a hovering hummingbird, and a tiny toad. When we find our way through the mushroom maze, we emerge into a new realm of unexpected surroundings.

Herbario Tesla (Original artwork created by Paola Suhonen of Ivana Helsinki)

A mesh of beautiful flowers with elongated stems invite you to climb through Herbario, where leaves and petals intermingle to form a floral landscape. Part of a long standing collaboration with Ivana Helsinki, Herbario was selected to be developed for Bun Voyage due to its resemblance of the flora seen in the Scottish summer. 

Herbario was initially created by long-time friend and collaborator Paola Suhonen of Ivana Helsinki. Aimée re-developed it for this collection as it reminds us of summertime, and is the perfect compliment to Bun Voyage's other patterns. Paola began this pattern by pressing flowers in a book that she found in her native Finland as a young girl, preserving them for years before ultimately digitizing them for this jaw-dropping print. Aimée had quite a bit of fun experimenting with color to create various palettes that are sure to please. It is available as a regular scale repeating wallpaper sold by the roll, or as a site specific large-scale mural. 

Paola Suhonen at the Hotel Presidentii in her styled room featuring Herbario as a large wall mural.  

Herbario can also be custom ordered in any of our color ways as a wall mural, printed bespoke to fit your exact wall dimensions. Email info@aimeewilder.com for more information.

Mystic Lagoon Chalk

As we emerge from Paola's beloved wildflowers, we come to Mystic Lagoon, inspired by the otherworldly lochs of the Scottish Highlands. Diverse sea creatures from the Loch Ness traverse a mysterious body of water, popping up and out at every glance against the rippling water. A stark contrast from the delicate lines of Herbario, this design thrives on its bold and contrasting pattern. 

Top left: Herbario Sprout, Top right: Mystic Lagoon Summer, bottom left: Mystic Lagoon Algae, bottom right: Mushroom City Chalk


Custom Murals Available: The Herbario artwork can be scaled up to create the effect of larger-than-life flora.

Three new wallpaper patterns many new color ways comprise the new collection. They are priced at $180 per single roll (27 inches by 5 yards), and are printed by hand in the US on clay-coated, FSC-certified paper. Commercial substrates are also available starting at $200 per single roll.  Custom coloring is available for Mystic Lagoon, Mushroom City, and all of our hand printed patterns.

Mushroom City Botanica

Mystic Lagoon Caribe

Herbario Royal

This collection is available in Organic Cotton Denim, Combed Cotton Sateen, Belgian Linens, and Belgian Linen-Cotton Blend. Priced by the yard $150 – $165. Custom drapery, coloring, and commercial coatings are available. All of our pigment printed fabrics are 100% eco friendly.

Herbario Pêche

Mushroom City Asteroid

Mystic Lagoon Ocean

Thanks for joining us on this magical journey through mystical environs! We hope Bun Voyage transports you to your happy place, and gets you ready for your next adventure =) 

And of course please feel free to call or email directly: +1 347 746 2554, info@aimeewilder.com.
For press: press@aimeewilder.com.

Warmest regards,


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