Doozie - Large Format Silkscreen Painting


Multidisciplinary artist, designer, photographer, and founder of her eponymous brand of wallpapers, tiles, and home textiles, Aimée Wilder presents Shadow Wildling, a new series of large-format silkscreened paintings.

This debut fine art edition draws inspiration from Aimée’s textile design background to explore tessellation, positive/negative space, mathematics, fractal dragon curves, and nuanced color relationships.  

These new paintings, however, reverse the usual role of patterned designs within interior spaces. Rather than an all-over application of patterned wallpaper, which fills the space floor to ceiling, each Shadow Wildling work distills a pattern onto the single plane of a large painting, intended to create the perfect focal point for today’s modern interiors.

Acrylic silkscreen ink on canvas
66 x 48 inches (152.94 x 121.92 cm)
Edition of 2

Processing Time: Unstretched 1-2 weeks, Stretched 2-4 weeks
Notes: This piece is intended to be hung both vertically or horizontally.Shipping calculated at checkout.