Aimée Wilder x Ivana Helsinki: 2023

Aimée Wilder x Ivana Helsinki: 2023




aimée wilder x ivana helsinki

Introducing 3 new patterns from our collaboration with Ivana Helsinki — Camping, Roadside Flower, and Bloom. 

Camping updates the classic 18th-century French toile de Jouy printed fabrics with delicately illustrated scenes that evoke a modern Scandinavian camping idyll. Roadside Flower is a pattern of artfully arranged pressed wildflowers, while Bloom is a larger version of Roadside Flower.


Camping Oceane


Roadside Flower and Bloom have the subtle closeup detail of carefully preserved botanical specimens. These new patterns and color ways will enhance your home with a sophisticated and pleasurable sense of country leisure.


Bloom Liisa



Roadside Flower Giselle



We’ve also updated many of the original patterns in the Aimée Wilder X Ivana Helsinki collaboration with a range of new color ways. 



Star Tiger Elvira




Indian Summer Celeste



We're excited to add Camping, Roadside Flower, and Bloom to our Ivana Helsinki Collection, our long-standing collaborative partnership with Finnish designer and creative mastermind Paola Suhonen. Aimée and Paola met almost 15 years ago and have collaborated on many different projects. We love working with her beautiful fashion patterns and bringing them to new life as interiors!