The Apogee Collection

The Apogee Collection


apogee: the point in the orbit of a heavenly body, especially the Moon, or a satellite, at which it's farthest from the Earth.

My deep-rooted desire to try new things has led me to introduce a new material for the Aimée Wilder brand — Apogee tiles and breeze blocks. For me, Apogee represents a new exploration of patterning, and the development process has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Normally I work with a larger scale of pattern repeats, but the modularity of tile has opened up a new world of possibilities. 




We offer a range of designs in cement, ceramic, and terrazzo tiles, as well as cement breeze blocks. Our cement tile is produced in Vietnam, our ceramic tile is produced in Mexico, and our terrazzo tile is produced in collaboration with Huguet in Mallorca in Spain. With proper installation, our tiles can be used in a range of different spaces and applications, from kitchens and bathrooms to pools and patios. Please see our tile specifications and installation instructions for more information. 

Our cement breeze blocks are produced in Vietnam. Each block is made individually by hand and can be easily painted. Our breeze blocks are suitable for both wet and dry spaces, or can be used to create a statement wall divider either indoors or outdoors. 



Apogee is grounded in the motion of waves, from the movement of the ocean to sound and sine waves, complemented by representations of the Moon itself, passing through its many phases. The four patterns — Wavey, Mamba, Timewave, and Moon Phases — are designed to stand alone or to coordinate with solid and/or split tiles, which are available in square, hex, and rectangle shapes — any of which can be combined to create a wide variety of layouts.



For a customized quote and checkout link, please email us through our contact page. Let us know the height and width of each area, type of tile (cement or ceramic), pattern and layout names, and the colors you prefer. All these can be referenced in our Tile Layout & Color Guides, available here. Custom quotes will include 15–20% overage, depending on the type of product, to allow enough material for installation.