Suede Tan


Fragments is a hexagonal tile of polka dot squares, inspired by vintage mosaic tiles. Fragments is available in 9 colorways, featuring contrasting black-and-whites like Ebony Swan, as well as neutral and fresh monochromatic tones of green, turquoise, and tan.



Fragments Assorted Colors


Fragments can be arranged in a regular pattern, or the hex can be rotated 60 degrees to create a more diverse layout to suit your taste. The minimal and textural feel of Fragments can fit in a variety of spaces, from kitchen or bath to your tropical outdoor patio or shower. The fun but subtle look of these polka dot squares will enhance the decor of any room or space.



Ebony Swan


Fragments Assorted Colors


For a customized quote and checkout link, please email us through our contact page. Let us know the dimensions of each area, type of tile (cement or ceramic), pattern and layout names, and the colors you prefer. All these can be referenced in our Tile Layout & Color Guides, available here.