Tuning Into Frequency

Tuning Into Frequency

Ying Tan Camel


frequency cement tiles

Introducing Frequency, a new tile collection inspired by Aimée’s art project, Shadow Wildling. 




Frequency is a collection of 4 retro tile designs inspired by sound waves — Doozie, Snake, Ying, and Zen. The collection includes many different colorways that will enliven any home, including new colors added to the Aimée Wilder palette. 



In the process of converting Doozie’s artwork to tile layouts, we created a patching pair if 2-toned modules, with each color in opposite positions. To our surprise, we found that this positive/negative pairing enabled us to create 3 different designs — Ticket, Wavelength, and Ziggy.  


Doozie Wave Powder


With this simple module as a building block, you can use our palette of 5 colors to seamlessly create multiple layouts with different color ways. 


Doozie Nimbus Powder


Snake is a winding, psychedelic maze pattern created by combining 4 different square modules.


Snake Azure Brick 


The basic unit of Snake is modeled on a low-amplitude transverse waveform, to which we’ve added square and triangle waveforms to create the 90-degree turns. Snake can be installed in many different layouts and yet still create the same feeling of a winding maze, because no matter how each tile is placed it will seamlessly connect with its neighbors to make endlessly varying patterns.


Snake Cobalt Swan


Ying is a groovy stripe design inspired by the positive/negative curves and dots of the Yin-yang.


Ying Nimbus Night


Zen uses negative space to create the optical illusion of an undulating weave pattern.


Zen Brick Lotus


Frequency’s designs add new colors to our tile palette, including Nimbus, Wave, Brick, and Camel. Frequency also introduces a new range of colorways that can enliven any space — such as Azure Brick, Tan Camel, and Powder Nimbus.  


Ying Tan Camel, Snake Azure Brick, Doozie Powder Nimbus


All our cement tile and breeze blocks are made-to-order, and most tiles have a a lead time of 3 to 10 weeks. Some tiles may take longer due to the location and other factors. Our tile collection can be easily cleaned when properly sealed. With proper installation, cement tiles can also be used in exterior contexts, including swimming pools in tropical climates. For further information on patterns, colorways, dimensions, materials, and more,  click here.

For a customized quote and checkout link, please email us through our  contact page. Let us know the dimensions of each area, pattern and layout names, and the colors you prefer. All these can be referenced in our Tile Layout & Color Guides, available here. Custom quotes will include 20% overage, depending on the type of product, to allow enough material for installation.