She's Cosmic

She's Cosmic





she's cosmic

 A pattern inspired by 1960s psychedelic posters, celebrating the empowerment of women and their magical qualities.

She’s Cosmic is a swirling psychedelic pattern featuring different powers, roles, and qualities that all women share — such as goddess, creator, dreamer, magic, euphoric, kinetic, and more!


Each attribute was selected by Aimée and the design team to affirm the vital importance of women in our world, and to align with the 2023 theme of #EmbraceEquity. Aimée Wilder is proud to be a woman-owned small business.


She's Cosmic Goddess



She's Cosmic Joy



She's Cosmic Balance



She's Cosmic Blissful


In addition to our Standard wallpaper for residential use, we're excited to feature this design in both the original colors and metallics on Type II surfaces for commercial applications.
She's Cosmic Metallic Creator  
She's Cosmic Metallic Synchronicity    


This past year we also participated in the annual International Women’s Day lettering challenge. Several of the elements we worked on for the challenge have been incorporated into the final design for She’s Cosmic.


If you would like to learn more about International Women's Day and #EmbraceEquity, visit https: internationalwomensday.comI