Flip Table XL - Black Wood


With the Flip Table, Jesper Ståhl solves a common problem for those who live in small homes. It’s not one table, but three: a dining table, desk and sideboard. But who buys all three these days? Finding a solution was a challenge that took a lot of experimentation, and 14 hinges! Its composition gives the table a different aspect, depending on how it’s set up. It folds lengthways to create three different sizes. The legs fold behind each other and part of the table top folds upwards while a side folds down, forming different surfaces which provide character and multiple uses. It can be used as a dining table for six, a desk when folded once, or a sculptural side table when folded twice. There are no loose parts; instead the 14 hinges that adorn every side provide the solution.

Designed by Jesper Stahl for Design House Stockholm


Dimensions: 35.4"W x 90.6"L x 28.8"H (89.91 x 230.12 x 73.15 cm)

Materials: Table - MDF, oak veneer. Legs - Adjustable graven plastic feet

Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks