Rampa, a multifunctional station on wheels from 1965, was inspired by the traditional florist’s display stands found on Italian town squares. On one side, the steps serve as a bookshelf with the four steps being covered with tempered glass plates, and a compartment in the lower large step, which is closed with a flap door. At the opposite side of Rampa, there are two visible compartments for storage as well as a larger flap that, when opened, acts as a writing desk, and reveals two more compartments, and six drawers. Thanks to the four castors, two of which has brakes, the object can easily be moved around or fixed.

Designed by Achille Castiglioni + Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Karakter Copenhagen.


Materials: Solid and veneered oak treated with natural oil or black oil

Dimensions: 39.5"W x 31.5"D x 50.38"H (100.33 x 80.01 x 127.96 cm)

First Step: 12.25"D x 12.25"H (31.11 x 31.11 cm)

Second Step: 8.25"D x 11.38"H (20.95 x 28.90 cm)

Thirds Step: 5.5"D x 8.25"H (13.97 x 20.95 cm)

Fourth Step: 5.5"D x13.75"H (13.97 x 34.92 cm)

Desk Flap: 39.5"W x 15.75"D x 28.38"H (100.33 x 40 x 72.08 cm)

Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks