Slim Step 3-Step Ladder

The 3-step is convenient for any house hold. Reach all cupboards with easy, and tuck it away between your kitchen furniture because it's only 2 inches wide! Even with the thin size, the Slim Step is still as stable as ever, with wide legs to ensure stability, and large platform steps to stand or sit on.

  • Incredibly slim when folded!
  • Wide legs reinforce stability and safety.
  • Rubber cushion lowers the noise of open/close actions.
  • Large step (10 1/4" x 13"). Secure platform to stand on, and an occasional seat.



Top Plate Size: 10.25″ x 13″ (26.03 x 33.02 cm)

Open: 19.25″W x 39.75″H x 33.5″D (48.89 x 100.96 x 85.09 cm)

Closed: 19.25″W x 43″H x 2″D (48.89 x 109.22 x 5.08 cm)

Weight: 13.75 lbs

Capacity: 220 lbs (99.79 kg)